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Offering courses in Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka
in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

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How to Apply to Attend or Serve a Course?

  1. Access the application form by clicking Apply for the desired course. Old students will be given the option to serve.
  2. Please carefully read the Introduction to the Technique and Code of Discipline which you will be asked to follow during your course.
  3. Fully and completely fill out all the sections of application form and submit it. An application is required to register for all courses.
  4. Await notification. All correspondence will be through e-mail if you give an e-mail address in your application. Due to the large volume of applications, it may take up to two weeks before receiving notification.
  5. If your application is accepted then we require you to confirm you will be attending in order to secure your place in the course.

You may apply for a Vipassana meditation course by completing and submitting an application for a scheduled course.

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Note: Only for Dhamma Anakula Students

All ten day courses begin on the evening of the first day at 4pm and end on the early morning at 7 am of the last day.

Male and Female residential courses are held seperately/together and the date suitable for attending the course can be decided by referring to the course schedule.

Note:All Course instructions and discourse presently at Dhamma Anakula are in Hindi and Marathi Language only.



May all beings be happy!